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The Last Tycoon bag full of goodies :D

OMG, what a week it has been ♥ I feel like I have been doing nothing more than living and breathing Matt Bomer. They've been doing one hell of a PR job with plenty of amazing interviews and gorgeous promo shoots - just to torture us more while we've been waiting for the premiere ♥
I'm not sure if I even remember everything but at least let me try to point you towards some of the highlights :D

TV appearances:

1. On Monday Matty was a guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan ♥ You can watch the entire interview on YT HERE.

2. Then in the evening there was a screening of TLT followed by conversation with cast and crew ♥ You can view the event on Livestream

3. On Tuesday he was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon ♥ That one was sooo epic, charades and Christian rap music - iz all I'm sayin' :D I'm not sure the interview is online to watch but you can grab a link HERE.

I made some gifsets from that one :D ONE | TWO

4. And on Thursday Matty was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden ♥ When these two get together... LOL. Again, haven't seen the entire segment online but I have a link HERE

5. Right after James Corden there was Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen - as usual, that's one crazy funny show. You can watch most of it on YT HERE

I'm gonna shamelessly use the POST from mattbomerfan.com where you can find a few of the interviews. There's another one HERE and one more HERE. ♥

1. Over 400 pics!!! from The Last Tycoon premiere yesterday in LA *THUD*

2. Amazing beautiful interview pics for Mr. Porter ♥

3. The Last Tycoon press conference *fans self*

I have probably forgot about something but you have to forgive me since I have been slayed repeatedly and I don't think my brain is working, LOL. How is he so beautiful and NOT AGEING?!?!?! *thud*

I'm officially on vacation now but it's gonna be one heck of a busy one. Nonetheless I'm planing on posting some caps tomorrow. I'll start with the interviews because I'm still waiting to see if a 4K version of TLT is gonna pop up. If there's nothing tomorrow, I'm gonna go ahead and start capping the 1080p files I made :D.

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