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29 July 2017 @ 09:33 pm
The Last Tycoon bag full of goodies :D  
OMG, what a week it has been ♥ I feel like I have been doing nothing more than living and breathing Matt Bomer. They've been doing one hell of a PR job with plenty of amazing interviews and gorgeous promo shoots - just to torture us more while we've been waiting for the premiere ♥
I'm not sure if I even remember everything but at least let me try to point you towards some of the highlights :D

TV appearances:

1. On Monday Matty was a guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan ♥ You can watch the entire interview on YT HERE.

2. Then in the evening there was a screening of TLT followed by conversation with cast and crew ♥ You can view the event on Livestream

3. On Tuesday he was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon ♥ That one was sooo epic, charades and Christian rap music - iz all I'm sayin' :D I'm not sure the interview is online to watch but you can grab a link HERE.

I made some gifsets from that one :D ONE | TWO

4. And on Thursday Matty was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden ♥ When these two get together... LOL. Again, haven't seen the entire segment online but I have a link HERE

5. Right after James Corden there was Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen - as usual, that's one crazy funny show. You can watch most of it on YT HERE

I'm gonna shamelessly use the POST from mattbomerfan.com where you can find a few of the interviews. There's another one HERE and one more HERE. ♥

1. Over 400 pics!!! from The Last Tycoon premiere yesterday in LA *THUD*

2. Amazing beautiful interview pics for Mr. Porter ♥

3. The Last Tycoon press conference *fans self*

I have probably forgot about something but you have to forgive me since I have been slayed repeatedly and I don't think my brain is working, LOL. How is he so beautiful and NOT AGEING?!?!?! *thud*

I'm officially on vacation now but it's gonna be one heck of a busy one. Nonetheless I'm planing on posting some caps tomorrow. I'll start with the interviews because I'm still waiting to see if a 4K version of TLT is gonna pop up. If there's nothing tomorrow, I'm gonna go ahead and start capping the 1080p files I made :D.

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maryrose_itmaryrose_it on July 30th, 2017 06:22 am (UTC)
Thanks!! You are a safer! It was crazy following Matt last week ..and you gave us all these amazing links ..love you!! .. Matt is stunning in these interiews and photos he's funny, playful, so at ease even when the questions are...hot. eheheh he is so different from few years ago interviews he grows up as an actor and as a man more confident in his skills and personality...he's just the best!!
just adding TLT is an amazing show !! I watched 4 ep...for now... eheheh