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The Last Tycoon now available on Amazon

All 9 episode of The Last Tycoon are now available on Amazon. Once again the UK was the fastest and they have posted all eps Thursday evening. Oh, what a wonderful show it is. I've already seen all eps but I won't post any spoilers because I know a lot of ppl are still watching. I'm gonna setup a master post for screencaps but I have a few non spoilerish gems below the cut ♥

Casual beauty ♥♥♥

And these pics look like taken straight out of some luxurious photo shoot *double thud*

I have a whole Peter and Neal scene built around this... also, I want this recliner set for my new apartment, LOL :P With all elements, of course :P

And if I ever need a suffering beauty for my Neal art...

And let's wrap it up with some art...

How about you, my friend? Has anyone binge-watched the thing? I have so much love for this show ♥ I need season 2 yesterday :P

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