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Adventures in decorating :)

Oy, I have been neglecting this corner of my world and I'm sorry for that *sniff* I miss those days when I had time for fannish things and lots of stuff to post /o\

But I'm trying and hopefully I can post something pretty soon :D

In the meantime, I figured I'd post some more pics of my new place :P I spent the past month buying various decorative elements and trying out things to make my living room look pretty, with finishing touches that I like :D

My green stuff and lantern fun, lol... I now have various lanterns all over the place :D

And more fake flowers which look so perfect... I can't have real ones for obvious reasons, lol ($) some branches over TV because I have no idea how to use that space... ideas welcome :D

I have also discovered Yankee Candle, I was looking for something that will bring some lovely scents to my place but for longer than just a day. YC = jackpot. I purchased one of those more fancy wax melting thingies - it looks magical in the dark. Later on I bought something similar but without the wax option, it's just for burning tealights but it's so pretty, I'm thinking of getting a white one for the bedroom and another brown one for the hall :D

I finally figured out what to do with the empty wall between living room and kitchen! Man, that tok ages, I initially thought about picture frames, then maybe another painting but finally I saw this golden photo frame and it seemed perfect. I can change it according to seasons, rearrange items - I'm gonna have so much fun with it. For now I have a NYC theme up bc of my upcoming trip, hee.

So, yeah, a few small things but these are making me so happy, I have never done things like that, never had a place I could make pretty like that. So much win :D

And here are my feathers in their beds, lol. Camouflage lessons :D They are molting like crazy, especially Sapphie, so I've been feeding them cucumber (good for feathers) and carrots (so that Dollar can upgrade his "orangness", lol)...

And finally, the amazing pic I took right outside my work!!! I was just heading home and a storm was gathering :D

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