kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Small update from the front + two wallpapers

These days I'm spending most of my free time photoshopping. It's all very time-consuming and I literally lose touch with the world around me, heee :)

My goal is to have all of the BB art more or less done by the end of this weekend. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far, I have three stories almost wrapped up. I made a cover for the 4th story and now I'm waiting to hear back from the author. I think I'm just gonna go ahead and proceed with the banners.

Yesterday I had a migraine the size of Wisconsin (winks at aragarna), I tried sleeping it off but in the end I had to take some pills. Of course, in my misery not only I finally finished making a collage template for one of the BBs, I also "committed" a manip which is gonna be one of my RBB submissions. It was not something I had planned but then I saw one pic and two hours and 4 other pics later I had a finished piece. It's a bit abstract and probably not very much inspiring, but I love how it came out and I'm just happy to have a head start with the RBBs :P

Today I have a day off and I'm just gonna continue with my photoshopping spree, but I'm also gonna try and catch up with my commenting duties :D

And to wrap it up, here are two grungy wallpapers I made sometime last year (I hope I haven't posted them before, lol)

Tags: life, show: white collar, type: fanart
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