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Random post on good and bad things

Heh, the transfer of doom that I mentioned in the chat two (?) days ago is really happening /o\ Needless to say, no ones gives a damn about the logistics and yet I need to vacate the premises by Thursday 9 am - and that "order" came today at 10 am. Nothing is packed, everyone went home earlier and I'm just sorting my paperwork. I really don't have a lot of things here, only what I need. What is killing me is that people expect me to, I don't know, pack their shit and haul it to the trucks outside? Like that's gonna happen :/

On top of that there are fandom-related things which really bummed me out yesterday /o\ I don't really want to go into specifics but at least it's not related to our LJ family here ♥ I wish I could have stayed in chat for the rewatch yesterday, I think it would have been exactly the thing that I needed... except that I had to be at work in the morning... after my usual 3 hours of sleep /o\

But in all that doom and gloom there are two very, very shiny beams of light. One is the awesome news that in two weeks the new Lunatic Soul album is gonna hit the store shelves \o/ It's ridiculous how excited that makes me :D Ever since the release of the Black album, I've been thinking/dreaming of making a series of WC illustrations/manips based on the story told in the Black and White albums (with random pieces thrown in from the Impressions album). It's like it was made for Neal and Peter ♥. Unfortunately, I don't have the right photos to make a whole set :( I read that as far as lyrics go, the new album is gonna be a prequel to Black \o/ I don't want to get my hopes up, but maybe I can start my work with the prequel? *is so hopeful*

Maybe I just need to take some time and map out what photos I would need for each piece. But it's definitely my dream project :D

And the other happy news is that in less than two hours I have a TV date with this gorgeous muffin...

Space Station 76 - here we come \o/ (oh, I think he could even convince me to smoke... and I hate smoking, LOL)
Tags: actor: matt bomer, life, movie: space station 76, type: fanart
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