kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

I have survived \o/

The transfer of doom is almost done. Yesterday I finished packing most of the stuff, I did the rest today and I'm officially dead to the world and not moving from my couch for the entire weekend :) I'm so very tired from moving all the stuff and packing the documents which are ridiculously heavy /o\

The new place is in a completely different part of the city, but it's not bad. The rooms are small but clean and modern.

The good things:
- peace and quiet, far away from all the power-hungry ass-kissers,
- the other unit grabbed seemingly better rooms on the first floor, but that means I no longer have to sit with them and I'm hoping to be seeing a lot less of them :P
- my room is small but more than enough for me, I already put there my furniture the way I wanted and it looks like it's gonna work out fine.

The bad things:
- my boss has the adjacent room and I'm worried she's gonna smoke like a chimney and I'm gonna have to inhale all that crap /o\ (but I'm hoping she's not gonna be there much, there are no lectures scheduled in that building :)
- the commute is gonna be a bit of a hassle :(
- there's no cafe or a convenience store or anything in that area where you can buy something to eat and drink.

Well, for now I'm just glad the worst part is over :D And I'm so looking forward to a whole weekend of catching up with my shows and doing lots of photoshopping :D
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