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07 October 2014 @ 12:52 pm
[MANIP] The Light That Conquers the darkness  
Title: The Light That Conquers the Darkness
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Neal
Rating: PG
Content Notice: uhm, neck shackles? and some light bruising
Dimensions/Resolution: 1600x1000px @96dpi
Stock used: dungeon, shackles

Summary: Part of my Angel!Neal series - captured, locked away and with his powers and wings bound by a powerful spell, Neal spent his days in the darkness waiting for Peter to find him and bring him home. Now his waiting is finally over ♥

A/N: I didn't even see that bunneh truck coming :P And it came very fast via the Pinto BB express way :D :D :D Many, many thanks to my partners in crime - angelita26 and pooh_collector who helped me come up with a title \o/ And Pooh also supplied me with the perfect quote to go with the art ♥ Awesome people are awesome :D

This fills the dungeons square on my H/C Bingo Card \o/

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."

                                                                                   from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
angelita26angelita26 on October 7th, 2014 07:25 pm (UTC)
ROFLMAO! This is too true and awesome!
kanarek13kanarek13 on October 7th, 2014 07:45 pm (UTC)
LOL... well, it does seem to be a theme :P