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Winged!verse Master Post

All artwork in my winged!verse in chronological order :D This contains only the 6 particular pieces that somewhat tell a story of Keller, Neal and Peter. I know I've made more winged manips but they are not part of this series :)

1. Prized Possession
Matthew Keller had spent the better part of his adult life collecting things of unimaginable beauty. But when the object of his true desire refused to become his prized posession, Matthew had no choice but to resort to other methods of persuasion.

2. What Was And Would Be Again
For Peter the painting used to be a celebration of love and happiness, but now it is a painful reminder of what Keller had taken from him.

3. Wrath Divine
It's been 5 weeks, 3 days and 17 hours since Neal was taken and Peter had spent every second of that time moving heaven and earth to find him, painfully aware of their soul bond slowly fading away along with Neal's life force. Now Peter finally knows exactly where Neal's being kept but before he brings his beloved home, he's gonna make sure Keller regrets ever crossing paths with him.

4. The Light That Conquers the Darkness
Captured, locked away and with his powers and wings bound by a powerful spell, Neal spent his days in the darkness waiting for Peter to find him and bring him home. Now his wait is finally over ♥

5. The Price
Keller was gone, Peter made sure of it, but Neal was still left with a deadly souvenir around his neck and only one very dangerous and very painful way to remove it. But with Peter by his side and the call of the sky above him, it was a price worth paying for getting his wings back.

6. True Freedom
Getting his wings back was like being born again...
Tags: character: matthew keller, character: neal caffrey, character: peter burke, pairing: peter/neal, show: white collar, type: fanart, winged!verse

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