kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Trick or Treat art meme roundup

Woohoo, I have officially completed my very first meme and I even managed to do it before the end of November :D I admit, it was so much fun and it gave me a chance to create new stuff which I am very proud of ♥ Thank you to everyone who left me prompts and comments. You are awesome :D

New meme coming soon :D

  1. For elrhiarhodan
    Prompt: Archon!Neal watching Peter through a mirror
    Fill: Soul Reflection

  2. For palombaggia
    Prompt: Peter/Neal, wings, intimate
    Fill: What Was And Would Be Again

  3. For sapphire2309
    Prompt: Neal/Sara, wings
    Fill: Beautiful Together

  4. For joy2190
    Prompt: Jonesy pic edit
    Fill: I Miss You ♥

  5. For aragarna
    Prompt: Fluffy Peter/El wallpaper
    Fill: This Love

  6. For pipilj
    Prompt: Peter and Neal handcuffed together and running from the bad guys
    Fill: Running Men

  7. For nywcgirl
    Prompt: Neal!whump
    Fill: In the Wreckage

  8. For doctor_fangeek
    Prompt: art for a fic
    Fill: Awake My Soul

  9. For maryrose_it
    Prompt: art for a fic
    Fill: Loving the Alien

  10. For angelita26
    Prompt: Neal/Sara, comfort
    Fill: Safe in Your Arms

  11. For sheenianni
    Prompt: angsty dragon!Neal
    Fill: The Change

  12. For pooh_collector
    Prompt: any whumpy art to inspire a fic
    Fill: No Way Out

  13. For eldorah
    Prompt: Peter and Neal, brotherly love
    Fill: Opening Night

  14. For leesa_perrie
    Prompt: she inflicted this idea on me during a short comment exchange
    Fill: Borrowed Time

Tags: show: white collar, type: fanart, type: meme
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