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Fandom stocking round-up :)

Well, this year I didn't sign up for [community profile] fandom_stocking because I was supposed to be working the two weeks that I had taken off for the Holidays. When it turned out there would be no heavy duty assignments for me, it was already too late to sign up :P But I had all that free time on my hands and there was really no better way to use it than to create something for my awesome flisters :P Last year I did only fanfic covers. This year I was kinda all over the place, lol :D

1. "I Always Got Your Back" for pipilj

2. "Wolf December" for sholio - and Sholio surprised me with an awesome fic to go with the art \o/ You can read the epicness HERE.

3. Some Roman/Celtic Peter and Neal manips for elrhiarhodan and theatregirl7299

4. A Peter and Neal Holiday card for aqwt101

5. Neal/Sara art for sheenianni

6. A Sara Holiday card for lionessvalenti

7. Some Sara/Alex art for citrinesunset

8. A fanfic cover for the story "Here Again" for cookielaura

9. A fanfic cover for the story "Accessory" for veleda_k

10. "Memories to Keep" Peter and Neal artwork for leesa_perrie

11. Two slave!Neal artwork pieces for sinfulslasher

Tags: show: white collar, type: fanart
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