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Wednesday ramble, hee

OK, I think for the first time in a very long time I am officially overwhelmed by stuff on my to-do list, awww! And it's not even work-related all that much, even though the end of March is always a mess (especially when you've been pretty much on sick leave most of the time). It's just that I seem to be able to deal a lot better with larger projects but in smaller numbers instead of a dozen smaller projects.

I have put the caps on hold for a bit because I really need to wrap up some of my art projects, they have deadlines and the caps don't. It also means I have fallen further behind with reading and commenting :( /o\ But I will catch up! I think today I will post a few of the things I have ready for posting, otherwise I'm gonna lose track of what was posted, what needs to wait and what needs to be trashed, aww. That should take some of the panic away, lol.

I am forcing myself to concentrate on one thing at a time and it seems to be working. I managed to finish one of the more demanding projects I had on my plate. It turned out so pretty and I will post it here once the fic it goes together with is posted :D After that I switched to something I have been meaning to finish for weeks. AND yesterday I made progress with the first batch of RBB art :) My wonderful "fuzzy" author has OK'd my abstract creations so I have the overall theme and resources and just need to find a few more pics.

If all goes well, I will have the second RBB batch outlined by Friday ♥ \o/ I need to finish another thingy by, let's say, Sunday and then I should have some time to sort through a portion of the caps and maybe launch my latest glorious project which is eating my brain away but I am resisting the temptation until the RBBs are more or less done :D

It all looks so pretty on paper. Of course, knowing my luck, I will receive a 120-slides PPT report to translate over the weekend and there goes all my planning /o\

But for now, stay tuned :D
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