kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

And the winner will be...

I was supposed to be catching up on fanfics today but instead I got sucked into the Photoshop world and spent the better part of my day working on my new manip :D And now I'm watching the Eurovision song contest which is the perfect happy background noise :D

This year I agree with the predictions and I think Sweden's gonna win this thing. Though it's gonna be crazy if the one-time anniversary guest wins it - Australia :D I just hope our song is gonna end up on a decent place :D

And ZOMG, do I have a wicked Peter, Neal and Adler prompt for a fic! Now I just need a way to release it to the world :D This is what happens when I get yummy links in email and spend too much time ogling the hot stuff :P
Tags: fun
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