kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

The End of Middle Ages

Apparently today is the anniversary of the end of Middle Ages. I feel like in Poland the Middle Ages are just coming back to life :/ We will be tripping over brass duck monuments on every corner in no time :P Meh. I also feel like something's come to an end for me on a personal level and I still don't know how to deal with it. But I'll find my way, I always do :D

OTOH, it's Friday \o/ I'll be working the entire weekend but that's still work being done at home, so I can take breaks and maybe watch something, tease the birdies (they make it so easy :P), catch up on emails... I'm just looking forward to it despite the work part :D I also wanted to go to the movies to see the new version of Poltergeist but there are only 4 showings per day, either in the afternoon or in the evening = MEH. I like going to the cinema in the morning, so that I can be back home at around 2 pm. I'm just gonna wait for the blu-ray, LOL. I'm just curious what they did with the movie, the 1982 original is such a classic :D

Last but not least, today I have parted ways with my White Collar S2-S5 DVDs, they have been bravely collecting dust on my shelf and now they are on their way to a new loving home :P I did a bit of rearranging on that shelf to accommodate the Con-plete series box that I've received as a gift, so now it'll be the box collecting the dust, heee. Though I should probably at least watch the extras before the dust collecting starts :P It's just that with the iTunes eps, it's a lot easier to use these instead of going for the DVDs :P

And in conclusion... (cuz I don't have anything new to post)

Tags: actor: matt bomer, type: fanart, type: ramble
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