kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Die Zukunft ist jetzt!

You guys, I just love Germany :P Not only cuz they have cool places to visit and awesome collars to hang out with, but apparently they also have media companies run by people with brains :D

I found on amazon.de first two seasons of ReGenesis on blu-ray! I mean, BLU-RAY! I already own the German DVDs of the first two seasons, but ZOMG, blu-ray :D Now I'm gonna be praying that the brain functionality continues with the release of s3 and s4 to have the complete set. S3 and S4 were never released (unless you count Japan with meh DVD transfer and the price equivalent to a round trip to NYC :P).

And I've been thinking, if a show like RG got a blu-ray release, then maybe someday also WC is gonna find its way onto blu-ray on this side of the pond :D I'm gonna be clinging to that dream :D

In other news, the evil idea that sheenianni inflicted on me is shaping up nicely, I should have it ready tomorrow (or maybe even today?)... and then run away and hide :P Cuz it's very evil :P Stay tuned :P
Tags: show: regenesis, show: white collar, type: ramble
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