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My Round 6 HC Bingo card :)

Round 6 of hc_bingo has launched today (yup, apparently I can't read calendars, lol) and of course I signed up. Better yet, it took the mods less than 2h to assign me a card :P

Heee, similarly to last year, at first glance all my brain was able to supply was *WTF fail*. But now that I had some time to process the prompts, it's really not so bad. On the contrary - I'm actually contemplating going for the blackout even though there are some prompts which are gonna be very difficult and that are not exactly my first choice for a manip. But hey, it's supposed to be a challenge, right?

telepathic trauma
forced to participate in illegal
/ hurtful activity
sensory deprivation falling septicemia / infected wounds
sex pollen dungeons theft tyranny /
hunger /
loss of identity mistaken
WILD CARD trapped

protecting / losing precious object
healers taking
care of somebody
rape /
body /

serial killers surgery abuse therapy planet

I gotta LOL because when I posted my End of Days manip, I said that I was willing to bet that there would be an apocalypse square on my card - well, planet destruction is close enough :P Fortunately, there are lots of ways to destroy a planet :P

I already have the perfect thing for trapped together. I have also recently acquired pretty stock pics of dungeons and such, so there - just need to dump Neal into one of them, lol.

Mistaken identity kinda begs for something Chuck-related. Neal being mistaken for Bryce - hell, yeah :D

Telepathic trauma - I'm thinking Neal huddled in a corner, with his eyes tightly shut - clearly in pain, and either Adler or Keller hovering close by, with his eyes slightly glowing to indicate he's responsible for Neal's pain.

Body swap - heeee, I can't believe I actually have an idea for that, it would be something like Neal or Peter in front of a mirror and the reflection would be of the other one.

Sex pollen - I'm on a roll with boy cuddles and smoochies, anodyneer can vouch for that, lol... so I'm fairly certain I can make that happen :P

Sensory deprivation - maybe something with blindfolded Neal stuck in a dark basement? Or I can go Fringe on them and use a screencap of someone in a sensory deprivation chamber.

I have vague ideas for other squares. The most difficult ones would be hunger/starvation, abuse and obviously non-con - for the last one I'm not even gonna start trying to come up with something until I am 100% certain I need it (eg. when blackout or some other form of bingo is missing this one square :)

These are obviously just my off the top of my head ideas and I will be very grateful for other suggestions - feel free to bunny me :D

Tags: challenge: h/c bingo
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