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Matty days

I figured I should finally post something - three days without a post seem like a small eternity, especially with all the Matty stuff being thrown at us. I had a strangely non-fannish day yesterday, I had a lot of work, so I didn't even have time to indulge myself with the usual adventures in Matty browsing. Come to think of it, the entire week has been more or less influenced by the fallout from last week's WTF at work. The little time I had for myself I spent just staring at my bingo card but not being able to do a thing :/

But these are such glorious Matty days ♥ Between all the emails and comments, my brain is pretty much non-existent and it's just not possible to keep track with everything, LOL. The awesome sandy79 is doing bommerlicious job in collecting vid interviews and pics over at her LJ, but I have lost track of what I have seen and what I should still watch :D So my plans for the weekend are to go through all the vids I have, screencap the living daylights out of them because they are full of laughs and singing and scrunchy nose, and then post it all in one MMXXL master post. It's just too much stuff to be posting it all in separate posts :P After that it should be easier to pinpoint the stuff I am missing, heee (BTW, sherylyn, I do have the IMMA DITTO THAT vid, LOL!!! Of course, now I need a fic with Peter and Neal having nicknames for each other's, uhm, krakens, lol)

This is sheer insanity.

I love every second of it :D :D :D

In other news, my spidey sense was awesome again this weekend \o/ The artwork that I needed to finish by today - it told me to get it done before the week starts :P Best advice evah :D So stay tuned for that and for now have a scrunchy nose :D

(if you haven't seen the Seth Meyers interview - it's where Bomber made its appearance, lol)

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