kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Magic headdesk /o\

Seriously, I finally got some solid dates on the MMXXL premiere in my neck of woods. So far it's been all over the place, but now it seems the official premiere date in Poland is July 17 O_o And that is still over a week earlier than in Germany (there goes my plan B - Berlin :/)

So it seems I still have almost 3 weeks to go before I can see it /o\ I so wish I could just jump on a plane and fly to NYC or Texas right now! But on the bright side, it's not like it's possible to spoil the movie for me, LOL, no words can describe the on-screen Matty experience and I don't really care that much about plot here, LOL :D So I'm just gonna go with the flow, squee and patiently wait for my turn to see it. There's an early screening on July 14 and I already bought the ticket :D

But still... *le sigh*
Tags: movie: mmxxl
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