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Random randomness

Today on the agenda:

1. Damn bingos :P
2. European meet-up anyone?
3. XXL squee :P

1. Yes, damn, damn bingos. I was finally able to overcome my temporary muse block and finish next two pieces, but seriously - my brain just keeps going the heavy Neal whump route up to a point where I'm starting to doubt I should even be posting it /o\ One of the squares I managed to finish is the tyranny/rebellion square and it's poor in pain Neal all the way /o\ I put a lot of work into it but I was kinda hoping for a less drastic outcome, lol. And since I don't really have any other ideas for that square, I'll just have to post what I have *le sigh*

I think my creative process is partially to blame because the more challenging something is, the more I want to make it happen and at some point I start to concentrate more on the technicalities, hmm... Flisties, I need some fluffy h/c ideas for my card... and maybe Peter-centric, lol. Neal really needs a break :D

I'm kinda stuck on the septicemia/infected wound square - the level of my desperation is showing because I even went back to my doc file where I started writing a fic dealing with this type of whump (ouch). And the tiny bit I have is actually not that bad... but since it's missing, well, plot and most of the beginning, middle and end, I don't really see myself finishing it /o\.

2. sheenianni and I were talking the other day about fannish meet-ups and how epic they are. There's still quite a few of us on this side of the pond, so would anyone be interested in another EU meet-up? We would have to think of a date and the city, but if there's interest, we could definitely make that happen. Probably not this year, but maybe the beginning of the next year? That seemed to have worked best the previous times and it would leave us more than enough time to figure out the logistics :D If there's interest, we would setup a date and city poll and take it from there :D

3. SQUEEEEEEEEE. People are squeeing about MMXXL, so I figured I should join them, even without seeing the movie, LOL.

And here's bonus Matty. I have a few artsy ones but can't post them yet, lol. So this will have to do :P

Tags: actor: matt bomer, challenge: h/c bingo, movie: mmxxl, type: ramble
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