kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Red Velvet - Baking Post :P

Okay, so I might have mentioned here and there that I had never actually eaten a red velvet cupcake. After a few weeks of mixing various Neal and Peter pics with delicious cupcakes for elrhiarhodan's glorious big bang story, I was craving red velvet like air ♥ I got a recipe from rabidchild and decided to give it a try \o/

OMFG! You guys! These came out awesome and ridiculously delicious :D ♥ That recipe is genius. THANK YOU, friend!!!

Next year when I'm in New York, I'm definitely gonna try one just to compare. But if these came out so good, I imagine Neal's cupcakes in Red Velvet must have been close to a nirvana. No wonder Peter fell for the package - red velvet cupcakes + Neal ♥

Heee :D

Tags: just for fun, life, show: white collar
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