kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

1 year ago *happy sigh*

I needed to sync a few files on my phone, so I fired up Carousel and it has this flashback feature showing me what pics I was either taking or ogling a year ago :D So while the files were being transfered to my dropbox, I followed the flashback button ♥ Needless to say, my flashbacks are "strangely" monothematic, LOL.

*smishes Matty for ogling the crazy fangirls*

*happy sigh* So many great memories ♥ And a bit of a sad reminder of things that have ended...
When the July bday frenzy is over (heee), I think I will finally, FINALLY sit down and make those two remaining photo books :D And I think I should add a few blank pages to one of them to bring it with me to whatever fandom meetups happen in the future, so that my friends could sign them :D After all, White Collar brought us together :D
Tags: actor: matt bomer, actor: tim dekay, city: new york, type: pic spam
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